Friday, 28 January 2011

And Voila! It's 2011.

Friday, 28 January 2011
2011? Seriously? What have I been doing last year that ended up with only one, bloody post for 2010? Nothing much, I guess.

As of the moment, I'm currently in my 4th semester, here in Unirazak. Knowing myself, I'm not surprise that I was not really excited when the new semester started. I was more concerned with something much more personal. Then again, I never really was excited when it comes to my studies because I know, at some point, I'll be disappointed. Sometimes it's the system, sometimes people...

Anyway, since 2007, I've been taking so much life lessons that there are times when I think I couldn't take it anymore. This year started with the passing away of a very dear family-friend. In fact, she was more like family to us. It hurts, yes. But once again, I get to feel that tint of happiness I used to feel. It's happening again. Just when I think I'm finally there, at the point of breaking it to myself, at the point of letting go, I had to fall all over again.

It's almost like the Father is telling me that He will always watch over me. Every time it happens, I feel like the Lord keeps pulling me back to Him, whispering to me that He will never let go. What better comfort is there than knowing that somehow, at least someone truly knows your heart better than you actually do and that he is always there for you? Even when you don't need him to be.

It's midterm break next week so hopefully, I'll get back on track again.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

2010 - You Better Be Good

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
It is 2010 and I haven't been blogging for months now. Basically, it's because of the typical wordpress-blogspot debate I have been having with myself. This, finally, has been resolved when I decided that I would only blog privately in Wordpress. Yes, my Muse shall roam freely in the realms of WP. On the other hand, the ordinary, typical, 20 years old-to-be side of me will blog casually on Blogspot. Not that there's much for me to update at the moment though.

Second, so many things happened quite recently and truth to be told, I am still trying to get back on these two feet. It is so easy for me to say that I moved on for the sake of covering the tiny, white lie that says I haven't REALLY moved on. Welcome to the real world, M.

So then, 2009 is over. What's new with 2010?

Well, the last post I wrote mentioned about leaving campus. Yes, I left UiTM and I believe (as much as things has convinced me) that it was for the better. So I came home and rewind my university life back to square one - this time as a UNITAR student (or as they have recently changed it, UNIRAZAK). Things are better now that I can sleep in my own bed and see those familiar faces I couldn't back in Malacca. I do miss my former DMCE classmates though. From what I heard, UiTM AG has decided to disband the E class of my batch. My E class. And how do I feel about it? Bad. Sad. Sorry. I had good memories with the class for one and a half semesters and I wonder how they will be after this. Oh well.

My social life isn't any different. I still sit at home most of the times. I still watch movies at Cathay when I feel like it (if there's just enough money at the moment). I took a PTPTN loan. My allowance is reduced greatly - the reason being me at home now so I have free transportation to church, to campus, to anywhere else, free lodging, free food and well, almost everything. I don't need to sit at Starbucks for hours every weekend now just to surf. I babysit as usual if I have no class. I surf most of the time (there's Streamyx at home so why not?)

One thing I got from my former campus is this backache that comes and goes. Sheesh.

Apart from still feeling empty right now, everything is pretty much the same for me, which is good because I really don't like changes. Not too much, at least. General update is now finished. I'll update more later on. Till next time.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Have No Fear

Monday, 31 August 2009
It has been ages since I last update here. Long story short (because people would already know by now), I left campus due to the throbbing backaches I've been suffering from lately. Of course, there are some personal reasons which are, well, personal. So no dough on that.

I stayed for one more night in campus for the sake of my DMCE classmates. It appears that ever since I announced my leave in one public speaking class, which was initially scheduled after Raya, they have been so kind to collect RM10 from everyone, just to bid me a special farewell. Since we have entered the fasting season for my fellow Muslim friends, I joined them with buka puasa on August 24th. And Stol was dear enough to drive and buy us a set of KFC each :D

Well, long story shorter (lolx), I was sad that night since I won't be seeing my classmates again (anytime soon) and I must say, I love them above all the other students in campus! In general, really - no personal preferences referred. Seeing how it has always been too many words trying to elaborate about such an occasion, and how that people actually have short attention span when it comes to reading very long posts, a series of pictures should do the trick, no?

L-R: Farah, Lilo (class rep.) & Kela

L-R: Myra, Bel & Id

L-R: Mia, Mar & Ina

L-R: Mimi & Ain

L-R: Tilap, Gotam & Samak

L-R: Fizi, Anysz & Zainal

L-R: Stol, Dan (asst.class rep.), Kori & Afiff

L-R: Ben, Polan, Fir & Max

Well, as far as I am concerned, they are pretty much the class clowns, all of them - which make the study process easier because DMCE is one class (and kind of proud of it) that really rocks. Seriously. They just can't keep quite. I'm not very good with speeches but I can say this:

Thank you for the memories

I wish you all the very best for everything. I'm proud of you all and most of all, I'm glad I've come to know each and everyone of you :D (I might do another update on you all later on. Not now. Maybe later. Ciao!)