Friday, 28 January 2011

And Voila! It's 2011.

Friday, 28 January 2011
2011? Seriously? What have I been doing last year that ended up with only one, bloody post for 2010? Nothing much, I guess.

As of the moment, I'm currently in my 4th semester, here in Unirazak. Knowing myself, I'm not surprise that I was not really excited when the new semester started. I was more concerned with something much more personal. Then again, I never really was excited when it comes to my studies because I know, at some point, I'll be disappointed. Sometimes it's the system, sometimes people...

Anyway, since 2007, I've been taking so much life lessons that there are times when I think I couldn't take it anymore. This year started with the passing away of a very dear family-friend. In fact, she was more like family to us. It hurts, yes. But once again, I get to feel that tint of happiness I used to feel. It's happening again. Just when I think I'm finally there, at the point of breaking it to myself, at the point of letting go, I had to fall all over again.

It's almost like the Father is telling me that He will always watch over me. Every time it happens, I feel like the Lord keeps pulling me back to Him, whispering to me that He will never let go. What better comfort is there than knowing that somehow, at least someone truly knows your heart better than you actually do and that he is always there for you? Even when you don't need him to be.

It's midterm break next week so hopefully, I'll get back on track again.

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